Marcus Mandible on UK Hip-Hop, Being Nice, and Getting Better With Every Record:

Marcus Mandible on UK Hip-Hop, Being Nice, and Getting Better With Every Record:

“Authenticity. It’s an acquired taste,” Marcus Mandible spits passionately.

I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to listen to an entire album or EP of rap music at least once a week all through 2017. Lo-and-behold, I was approached by an artist of that genre in the very first seven days. Meet Marcus Mandible, from Brighton, in the UK.

So, that shattered all my North American presumptions about rap on the floor. But listening closer, there’s a lot to find familiar with the genre’s counterpart across the pond. “100 Years,” off the new Don’t Worry About It – EP features hard, politically-leaning, verses. “Are You OK” brings in the MC, consoling a friend. Marcus’ low, round voice rides the fascinating beats behind him with both ease and drive at the same time. “The EP is a combination of street poetry and hip-hop with a distinctive British sound and the best thing about it is how the sounds of the songs differ from each producer,” Marcus explains.

This artist is more than happy to fill me in on all I’ve been missing. “I think the thing all UK hip-hop artists can agree on is that the scene here is like a very large community and its reach often doesn’t extend out of the UK although that is changing rapidly and more and more people are looking to the UK for hip-hop. Towns and cities across England have emerging artists, each with a unique take on slang, flow and content and something new to bring to the table which creates a game of leapfrog with ideas and this builds up in the tracks and videos that are coming out at the moment.”

“The music industry is tricky, and I’ve found that by staying true to what I believe as a self managing, self promoting artist, I have a great time promoting and meeting people I wouldn’t normally get a chance to.“ As a matter of fact, Marcus claims to have achieved more in his career by making friends and promoting others’ music than on his own. As advice to everyone in the industry: “Be nice and nice things happen.”

Marcus Mandible started writing at age 15, and performed at his first local open mic night three years later. However, “some unavoidable things occurred in my life and I put the mic down for about three years, going with the flow of life and concentrating on writing lyrics and flows, reading sociology books and listening through as much back catalogue of hip hop as physically possible. After a while I had so much material i had to let out and start performing again. I started doing spoken word performances, making hip hop music and started my Rap/Rock (rap n roll) band, Brunt Poetry. So for the last three years I have been gigging in as many places as possible with the band as well as solo. I have released two full band EPs, some solo collaboration tracks, videos and have two solo EPS set for release this year as well as a third band EP. I just want to spit as much as possible and better each record with the next! Big up to the lovely Clara Charron for being my Ottawa connection!”

You can listen to Marcus Mandible’s new EP here:

And check him out on Facebook here:

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