A Week In My Life

A Week In My Life

I love notebooks. I’ve been a writer ever since I learnt to read, and diary-keeping just became something I fell into. Today’s piece was just a wild idea I had about tracking what I do for a week, and telling little anecdotes about what a regular week is like for me. I hope you enjoy.


I woke up naturally this morning at 5am. I made myself some chocolate macaroon flavoured tea (it was delicious), sat down on the living room sofa, opened my laptop and picked up where I left off on a guest post I’m writing for Industry Me on design mistakes artists make on their official websites. It should be out in early July. I’m impatient to make my “Monday Goals” post on Instagram for Sing House Studios, but I know that, analytics-wise, I need to wait for everyone else to wake up.

Later in the morning, I was on the phone with the CEO of an artist development company in Montreal, Canada. At noon, I headed off to class, where I ran into my Dean in the hallway, and asked if he had time this week to meet with me one-on-one. In class, we discussed the mathematical formulas in order to build a hypothetical room with good acoustics.

I went home after school, grabbed some dinner, and then bused to the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition’s annual general meeting. There, I sat with people I knew, but made sure to talk to as many people as I could. A pair I met were Trish and Matthew from The Morning Brew on CKCU FM. We got talking, I told them what I did, and they invited to be on the show at some point soon.


At 6:30am, I was up and ready to start my day before most of the world. I checked my emails, and got the great news that Girls+ Rock Ottawa wants to publish a blog post I wrote for them on their website. I went online to the place where the article will be, and started checking out the dimensions I wanted for the header photo. After I did that and finished a simple graphic to match the piece, I started stringing together the information and quotes from my interview with Ted Adler last Friday. Once I was done, I sent him my draft for his approval. Because I take my interview notes on paper, it’s very important for the subject to see the quotes in case they aren’t accurate.

At 11am sharp, I was on Skype with a radio host and interpersonal relations coach from Texas, USA. To be honest, I was a little nervous to meet him, but it went wonderfully, and we made plans to shoot a video the coming Monday.

I checked my emails on my walk across campus to get to class. WordPress alerted me that someone filled out the contact form on my blog. It’s an artist management agency all the way over in France, writing to tell me how much they love my work.

I was in class for the early afternoon, then went home. My mood crashed a little, so I wasn’t very productive until I fell asleep that night.


By 7am I’m putting the finishing touches on my interview with Ted Adler I was working on yesterday. I post it about an hour later. By 9:30am, I’m out the door to go jogging. I managed 2K without stopping. It isn’t much, but I’m not a runner and was really proud of myself. When I got home from class that night, I stopped by the mailbox to pick up my new business cards that just arrived. I then spent the rest of the evening doing dishes and writing.


I’m scrolling through Facebook early Thursday morning, and I stumble upon a Harry Potter meme I’d never seen before and thought was funny and clever. I share it with my best friend and logo designer Sophie, one topic of conversation leads to another, and in the end I send her a photo of the dress I’ll be wearing to the SOCAN gala later this month in Toronto.

At 9:30am, I’m in an appointment with a psychologist. For all my busy days and drive, I still have bad mood crashes where I can’t bring myself to do anything for long periods of the day. I’m lucky that right now everything is going a little better, but I personally feel like only seeing a doctor when things get really bad isn’t going to be as helpful as having a consistent routine.

I’m already on school campus by 2pm, and have that scheduled meeting with my Dean to discuss career options. I think it went well. The main takeaways were to keep writing, and to charge more for what I do.

After that, I installed myself outside in the nice weather for a while. I’d been toying with the idea of doing a Facebook Live for a while, so I tried to do one and in the end chickened out. I went to class after, then went home.


I spent my early morning chatting with Simon from We Are Bandicoot, a member of a British band I interviewed a few months ago. They’d just released a new single, and Simon shared the link with me excitedly. At 10am, I kiss goodbye to my boyfriend as he leaves for a business trip. Then, I got ready to go downtown for the Girls+ Rock Communications Team meeting. I’m so happy to be involved and writing a few blog posts for them. After that, I went right to campus to sit with a schoolmate to quantize piano together for the last song on my EP. It was harder than it looks, as we had to do it manually. After that, I went grocery shopping and carried my food for the week home on the bus in reusable bags. It was 7pm by the time I get home, and still light out. So, I decided to try that Facebook Live on more time. It’s a success!


I’ve really been insured by watching entrepreneurs post motivational videos on YouTube lately. I just turn them on as I eat my breakfast cereal, and get inspired for new articles or even for my own perspective on things. So I did that this past Saturday morning. Then, I went off to the the gym for 10am to go to combat class. It’s a really interesting thing; as there are no opponents or punching bags, it’s just really violent dancing to loud pop music. It was a lot of fun to push myself to my physical limit and feel like a champion after. I got home before 12pm, called my mum, made tuna salad for lunch, and did some dishes. I spent the rest of the afternoon writing parts for and recording MIDI tracks on the last song for my EP (the one I quantized piano to the day before). I was happily surprised when my good friend who’s always busy messaged me asking to hangout last minute. I went over to his place in the suburbs that night, where we jammed until I fell asleep on his sofa.


I woke up on my friend’s couch, and we went the church. I was a little nervous getting ready, as I hadn’t even brought a hair brush! It went really well. When I got home after, I checked my email and read a manager’s request for me to feature their artist. Their message didn’t feature my name, the name of my blog or any punctuation whatsoever. I spent the afternoon plannig content for social media, and then had dinner at my mum’s house. At 9pm, my boyfriend got home from his business trip, which made me very happy. I went to bed shortly after, as I had to wake up at 4:30am the next morning for the radio interview with CKCU. What a week.

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