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Hi! My name is Clara Charron, and I run a music industry trade publication called Pop of Colour. It officially launched in December 2016 and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

My main readers are independent/unsigned artists looking to learn business skills and read up on relevant marketing ideas in colourful ways.

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  •   Ottawa Beat (Canada, April 2017)
  •   Follow Magazine (Australia, February + March 2017)
  •   Ear To The Ground (USA, March 2017)
  •   The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition Newsletter (Canada, February 2017)

Pop of Colour counted 950 site visits in April 2017, with the majority of readers from English speaking countries (Canada, the USA and the UK).


“I know you’ll love her engaging style and great insight into how to promote music and other creative work.”

– Nathan March, founder and editor of Follow Magazine

“She makes things so easy to understand, and she comes up with such perfect and creative ideas to help bands navigate the business side of music.”

– Rachel White, singer, songwriter, and reader

“Clara Charron’s Pop of Colour Music site continues to produce engaging content that helps musicians while highlighting the exciting Ottawa music scene.”

– Greg Jones, co-founder and senior editor of Ear To The Ground


HOMEPAGE SIDEBAR— 220 x 560 px (limit of six)

HOMEPAGE + ARTICLE SIDEBAR— 220 x 560 px (limit of two)

FOOTER ACROSS ENTIRE SITE — 1200 x 175 px (limit of one)

  •   The companies selected are ones that are relevant to my readers, as outlined on page one.

  •   I only endorse companies that are in line with my values.
  •   Sorry, but I don’t advertise individual musicians/bands.
  •   Ads are placed on a monthly, renewable contract. Monthly rates may vary upon renewal, depending on demand due to limited space.
  • In case of dispute, the ad spot goes to the highest bidder upon contract renewal. All parties will be transparently made aware of this during negotiations.

  • No refunds.

Prices start at $30 monthly.