The Facebook ads in my newsfeed have gotten scarily tailored to me. At least half of the ones I notice these days are trying to get me to buy online courses on the music industry. Here’s their average idea: a independent musician (that would be me) pays the creator ofRead More →

Welcome to a special edition of “secrets behind music publicity that up-and-coming artists should know.” Later in this article, I am going to break down the six types of blogs that are relevant to musicians. But first, I want to start by talking about the audience that will read allRead More →

Note: this article is preachy, peachy and motivational speechy. Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you, the fabulous creative person reading this piece right now. When you wake up in the morning, are you excited about your brand? “My brand?” you ask. “You mean my logo and colour palette?” “No,Read More →

If you ask artists what their dream in music is, a lot of them will answer “to hear my song on the radio!” and they’re talking mainstream, countdown of the charts radio. Cool dream, but in this piece, I’m breaking down what I’ve learnt from talking to record label people,Read More →

Growing Your Mailing List Is Like Ice Skating: Your Guide To Brilliant, Miscalculated and Illegal Moves: As of writing this, my local hockey team is winning, or something. Downtown Elgin street’s pubs are filled with red jerseys and face paint, and Ottawa has even made internet news for being soRead More →

Congrats, you landed an interview! You’re excited, we’re excited, we’ve set up a date and time, and you’re counting down to it. Here are a couple of things myself and other music bloggers would love to let you know. We want to make you look good. “I think having anRead More →