Open mic nights, AKA open stages, are a lot of fun. They can range from from the very professional ones in Nashville, to a casual night in a downtown bar. For an unpaid performance, there are quite a few ways that separate the amateurs from the artists. This article will try to cover most of them. Be “on” as soon as you are within a block of the venue. If someone’s artist persona is a well-mannered country sweetheart, she should not be shoving people out of her way to get the spot she wants. Even once leaving the bar, anyone from the event might beRead More →

Are you a shy extrovert? No, that’s not a contradiction. An extrovert gets energized by being around people. A shy one gets nervous jumping head-first into a large group at a party or networking event. Do you wish they would just come over and strike up a conversation with you instead? This description is a pretty accurate one of me, actually. Over the years, I’ve gone to numerous events alone, built up a repertoire of strategies that work almost every time, and today, I’m going to share some with you. These are a few ways to be an irresistible wallflower. Wear a conversation piece: HaveRead More →