Interview Application

SEEKING AN INTERVIEW? Let’s get a few things cleared up.

I am an artist / represent an artist seeking press. Is this the best way to reach you professionally? 

It sure is!

You’re in Ottawa?

Yes, I am! This isn’t an “Ottawa music blog,” though. This is a music industry blog that happens to be based in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While I do attend local shows and am friends with a ton of the city’s talent, if you are seeking coverage that focuses on the awesome music scene we have here, might I suggest asking a writer from [] (other than me) out to lunch, or doing a quick Google search of Ottawa Music Blogs?

Can you review my album?

Sorry, I don’t do reviews. While I’m always expanding my musical horizons and listening to new sounds, I don’t feel qualified enough to put star ratings on someone’s art. If your band is looking for that kind of press, check out [] instead! I highly recommend the blog [] for anyone who makes music with a guitar; they are one of the many blogs that only take applications through SubmitHub, and write great reviews for the music they love. If you’re a female country singer, do yourself a favour and go on over to [QueensOf]

Read my interview with the co-editor of Ear To The Ground here:

Read my interview with the writer behind Queens of Country here:

My band just released our debut single a week ago. When’s the soonest you can write and publish an interview? Tonight?

As you might’ve noticed while reading my work, interviews with Pop of Colour only make up about 10% of my content. I recommend you go with a premium submission at [] for a quick answer from a blog that’s more focused on artist features.

What kind of music do you cover? Is there any genre that stands a better shot at landing a feature? 

So far, I’ve featured artists who lean towards [pop], [metal], [hip-hop], [country], and [prog-rock]. The classification of the music isn’t as important as the artist’s personality and what they bring to my readers. However, as a songwriter myself, my personal preference is music with importance placed on the lyrics.

I’ve never contacted a music blogger before. Is there anything I should say (or not say) in the message?

Read this:

What are you looking for in an artist? What would make you choose someone from all the submissions you receive?

Pop of Colour is focused more on the industry side of the music business. When I do a character piece or interview with an artist, I am essentially handing them the microphone to teach my readers lessons from their own successes and failures, as well a provide a different point of view. We also talk about their music.

Here are a few qualities that, when combined, make up my perfect interview subject:

  • I lean towards serious artists, as opposed to hobby musicians.
  • The artist must be independent, or has only recently signed a record deal after achieving independent success. The readers of this blog are independent musicians seeking business ideas they can do themselves.
  • I want someone with interesting insights and thoughts on the business of music who can give some tips to the readers, who are all musicians, after all. This means that debut singles from up-and-coming artists don’t usually get coverage here, unless they’ve worked in the industry too.

Bonus Points If…

Okay, we’re all good? Go for it 🙂