Alternate title: get your ass downtown to support our army veterans with loud music!   This article is something a little different; it’s about mental health. This Remembrance Day, a couple of my musician friends in different bands are coming together to host a metal concert that raises money for our veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, after the horror they witnessed serving our country. I’m not here to take sides. No matter who was right to be where in the first place, the fact remains that those who go to war need help when they come back. According to Veterans Transition Network, where the ticketRead More →

I’m going to let you in on top secret piece of industry information. Lean in close, nose to these letters, okay? Ready? ALBUMS AREN’T SELLING LIKE THEY USED TO!!! As a general rule, there are only three types of albums that sell well in bundled form these days: Critically acclaimed albums that are appreciated by an older demographic, who want a physical CD for their car (Barbra Streisand’s Greatest Hits, Adele’s 25) Soundtrack and concept albums, whose plot lines only make sense if you listen for the entire 45-60 mins (The Original Broadway Cast’s Hamilton, Dave Cobb’s Southern Family). Albums by – usually pop –Read More →

  “Sometimes life can change for the better, overnight,” sing the sweet, girl-next-door vocals of Rachel White. It really has been a whirlwind lately for the 21-year-old country singer. Her debut EP, Destination Sunday, is days away from release (at the time of writing this), and several songs are already in regular rotation on radio, but she still found time to chat with me, proving that her kind and optimistic personality shown on social media (Twitter + Instagram: @RachelWhite04) is genuine, just like her lyrics. Straightforward, relatable, and always looking at the bright side seems like an accurate tagline for Destination Sunday – while IRead More →

There’s no doubt that an interview in a publication can be some great and free marketing for your music career. If you’ve got a big release or show coming up, you might have been looking around at blogs, podcasts, radio and, (gasp) even print media. While these tips for cold-calling a music journalist can’t 100% guarantee you a lengthy couch invite to a late night talkshow, adding on the subtle tactics you might never have thought of can make you instantly seem like a much more likeable and interesting artist – or at least, one whose email might be answered. ___ DO read up onRead More →