Reading Time: 3 minutesAre you a shy extrovert? No, that’s not a contradiction. An extrovert gets energized by being around people. A shy one gets nervous jumping head-first into a large group at a party or networking event. Do you wish they would just come over and strike up a conversation with youRead More →

Reading Time: 5 minutesFrom February 1st-3rd, 2017, my hometown of Ottawa, Canada was host to the MEGAPHONO Music Showcase and Conference. My application for a media pass was accepted, and here is the main article I wrote. It’s not just an ICYMI, though I do have readers from all around the world. WhatRead More →

Reading Time: 3 minutesTo celebrate everyone’s favourite Celtic-Canadiana band signing to Willow Sound Records, I am reposting a guest interview that was published in the UK music blog, When The Horn Blows. Here it is, as written shortly before they announced the next step of their careers. — The trio, composed of Jessica Pearson, Maddy O’ReganRead More →

Reading Time: 5 minutesOne thing I’ve realized I’ve never talked about in detail, is what to do after you’ve made money as an artist. I could go on about marketing strategies all afternoon (and I’m pretty sure I have), but the fact is that managing what you make is equally as important. IfRead More →

Reading Time: 7 minutesI turned two decades old on the 11th of this January (11/1 is very easy to remember). To be honest, I’m really excited to grow older, as people will make me even more seriously in the industry if I have more time to experience everything about it. That doesn’t meanRead More →

Reading Time: 4 minutesI’ve discussed, and will continue to tell everyone that artists, big and small, are a brand, and music is their product. Underground music, much like that gorgeous cross-body in a high-end shop window, is a luxury product. Following the rabbit warren of Bandcamp or iTunes recommendations is luxurious time youRead More →