A lot of talented musicians have trouble talking about their art. They compose and play beautiful music, but can’t figure out how to get their message across to those who haven’t heard the material before. This is where an artist bio comes in. Displayed on their website, the bio isRead More →

“…love, ageless and ever…ever…green…” The Barbra Streisand classic, Evergreen, is one of the songs I grew up loving. I won’t lie, it was sort of the (main) reason I wanted to read that Noah Fleming book of the same name I stumbled upon in the business section at my localRead More →

I would like to begin this piece with a moment of respectful silence in memory of my autocorrect feature, which died in the process of writing this article.  If you haven’t heard by now, Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Bhabie, AKA the “Cash Me Outside” girl just signed a deal withRead More →

I love making people happy. That’s probably why through college I found retail a fulfilling day job. As many of you readers here are musicians with day jobs (some in retail), I thought I’d show you the different skills these non-musical-gigs require, that you might not even know can helpRead More →

The Facebook ads in my newsfeed have gotten scarily tailored to me. At least half of the ones I notice these days are trying to get me to buy online courses on the music industry. Here’s their average idea: a independent musician (that would be me) pays the creator ofRead More →

Welcome to a special edition of “secrets behind music publicity that up-and-coming artists should know.” Later in this article, I am going to break down the six types of blogs that are relevant to musicians. But first, I want to start by talking about the audience that will read allRead More →

Just because it’s available for free, doesn’t make it yours. Join me today, as I tell the true story of a company that copy and pasted an entire article I wrote to put on their website, and then asked me for permission after. I recount my honest reactions, how IRead More →