7 Inspiring People I Met At Canadian Music Week 2017

7 Inspiring People I Met At Canadian Music Week 2017

Last week was my second time at CMW 2017. Last year, it was part of the coolest field trip ever, courtesy of Algonquin College’s MIA program. This year, while still in Music Industry Arts (I’m doing the program in two years instead of one), I bought my own ticket, took care of my own lodgings, but got to ride with my classmates.

This little compilation contains links for you to check out their respective works, with larger articles coming later. Enjoy!

Rick Barker

Last year, Rick directly said to me “if school is getting in the way of your career, why are you in school?” and with that, he had my heart (I didn’t drop out though). For those of you who read my work (or Ottawa Beat Magazine), you know how much the former manager of Taylor Swift is a big influence in my work. I’m so happy we got to meet up again, and yes, I am sending him a clipping of that article.

Ariel Hyatt

CMW has this thing set up called “Mentor’s Café.” The idea is that you get 10 minutes of one-on-one with a music industry professional. I figured “why not?” and decided to meet with the founder of a boutique PR company, just to ask her what she did. Amazingly, she cared a lot more about me, asking questions about this blog and gave me the advice to self-publish a book in a year or two.


Jim Norris

I also sat down with the Editor of Canadian Musician Magazine at the Mentor’s Café. He basically told me I’m nothing without a LinkedIn account and 1,000 Facebook Likes. Care to help the cause?


Ingrid Denda

So, I found myself a new guest writer. The financial advisor to musicians with purple hair, she is not only cool, but has a ton of credentials to back her up. I’m so excited to be featuring Ingrid soon!

Ari Herstand

I was quite enjoying his book, “How To Make It In The New Music Business” on the bus, but never thought I’d actually meet the writer! With big hair and an even bigger personality, I felt like I could easily talk to him like a friend, because of his personable writing style. Go read the book (Barnes & Noble affiliate link) or check out his blog and you’ll know why.


Mitch Joel

A guest speaker at the Digital Music Summit (first day), Mitch had some seriously insightful points to share, such as scone 75% of internet use is now on mobile, it’s time to optimize website for such an audience. he also asked the all important question for musicians and small businesses alike: “are you on the same social media platform your fans/customers are using?”

Katherine Fischer

This MIA (Fanshawe) grad is not only mega talented, but a loud advocate for mental health, to the point where she offered to help me with my first major blog article about my own struggles. I’m so grateful to have her as a friend.


Did you meet anyone seriously inspiring at Canadian Music Week 2017? Let me know in the comments below

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