10 Reasons To Display Your Original Song Lyrics On Your Artist Website

10 Reasons To Display Your Original Song Lyrics On Your Artist Website

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  • Listeners searching for your lyrics, then clicking the results link to your website helps boost your web presence and Google ranking. Your official website being the first result on Google also does wonders for your credibility.
  • Your song lyrics are guaranteed to be accurate. Don’t let your fans sing along incorrectly! If you wrote the words, then you know them.
  • You would be in control of the first-time visitor’s User Experience, building a trusted, aesthetically pleasing brand. Don’t underestimate the power of UX. If a fan’s first meeting with you is on a beautiful, clean website, they’ll probably rate you more highly than if you were found on the sketchy part of the web. Speaking of…
  • If your website is the first result that all fans are clicking on, you’re making it harder for sketchy third party sites to monetize your intellectual property. Banner ads/pop-ups/automatically-playing videos are only paying money to the website owner if people click on them or see them. If less people are going there, and more are going to your website, you take back control over your art.
  • You will be able to collect visitor stats. You can see how many there are and where they’re from in the world. That’s pretty good information to be handed to you simply by having them show up on your turf.
  • You will be able to objectively measure song popularity. If half your website traffic is coming from a Google search of a B-side song’s hook, then maybe it’s time to do something big with it. You didn’t plan it to be the next single, but if it’s resonating with your fans…
  • You can lead your potential fans further into your website, exploring and staying longer, before presenting a call-to-action. Say, they scroll to the bottom of your website and see a mailing list sign-up form with a tempting freebie…
  • You can introduce potential fans to more of your music. Hey, person who got here by searching lyrics to a song they just heard a snippet of! Did you know I also have two entire EPs?
  • If you sell the song/full release on your website, you make more money. iTunes isn’t taking a cut, 100% goes to you.
  • Song lyrics are great social media content to pull out on uneventful days. You could even make chord sheets for fans to play along!

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