Just because it’s available for free, doesn’t make it yours. Join me today, as I tell the true story of a company that copy and pasted an entire article I wrote to put on their website, and then asked me for permission after. I recount my honest reactions, how IRead More →

I love notebooks. I’ve been a writer ever since I learnt to read, and diary-keeping just became something I fell into. Today’s piece was just a wild idea I had about tracking what I do for a week, and telling little anecdotes about what a regular week is like forRead More →

I don’t expect many people will read this piece, but it’s one I’ve wanted to write for a long time. I’ve been typing and erasing over and over, trying to make the words come out right; but there’s no better time than now, I guess. I haven’t written a songRead More →

Last week was my second time at CMW 2017. Last year, it was part of the coolest field trip ever, courtesy of Algonquin College’s MIA program. This year, while still in Music Industry Arts (I’m doing the program in two years instead of one), I bought my own ticket, tookRead More →

If you too are dramatically crying by the window as it snows all weekend, here’s a little list of things to read. If your weather is beautiful out there, go enjoy it, then come back once it rains 🙂 A new article I wrote is going to be featured inRead More →

It’s the first day of Spring, apparently. I’m curled up with my current notebook on a dark chocolate coloured sofa, peering out at the grey snowbanks that line the streets. I’ll settle with a stock photo for now, because I’m already in the spring mindset. By that, I mean, readyRead More →

One of the perks of being considered useful in one’s local music industry is having talented artists on speed dial, and vice versa – and when Kyle Ivanich messages you with a complimentary ticket to the Ottawa stop of his tour, playing alongside Charlie The Kid and featuring The Ramblin’Read More →

Welcome to Ottawa, it’s a pretty awesome place to be. We’re so happy you’re here for a few days – whether it be for business, pleasure, or, oh yeah, the 2017 JUNO Awards! The local musicians have compiled a list of off-the-beaten-track concerts we’re organizing – one of the things IRead More →

From February 1st-3rd, 2017, my hometown of Ottawa, Canada was host to the MEGAPHONO Music Showcase and Conference. My application for a media pass was accepted, and here is the main article I wrote. It’s not just an ICYMI, though I do have readers from all around the world. WhatRead More →