Reading Time: 8 minutesA lot of talented musicians have trouble talking about their art. They compose and play beautiful music, but can’t figure out how to get their message across to those who haven’t heard the material before. This is where an artist bio comes in. Displayed on their website, the bio isRead More →

Reading Time: 4 minutesAt Canadian Music Week 2017, I attended a moderated discussion called “An Artist’s Guide To Marketing To Fans.” One of the panelists was Ariel Hyatt, founder of Cyber PR (let me tell you she’s amazing). Anyways, one of the ideas she threw forth really stuck with me. It was aboutRead More →

Reading Time: 6 minutesEvery creative entrepreneur (that would be you) has their strengths when it comes to managing professional social media. Today, I boiled them down to the main four, and created a personality quiz that identifies where you feel most comfortable. Bonus: it’s Harry Potter themed. Hogwarts, the magical school in theRead More →

Reading Time: 2 minutesSo, your friend wants to set up automated Direct Messages on their Twitter account. Do us all a favour and show them this article – after you finish face-palming, of course. If you’ve followed smaller musicians on Twitter lately, chances are you’ve run into automated, robotic messages they’ve programmed toRead More →

Reading Time: 4 minutesThere’s no doubt that an interview in a publication can be some great and free marketing for your music career. If you’ve got a big release or show coming up, you might have been looking around at blogs, podcasts, radio and, (gasp) even print media. While these tips for cold-callingRead More →