First Look December 2017

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others! 

Just stop it! Easier said than done, I know. Everyone in the music world (myself included) has at some point fallen into the cycle of comparing themselves to others negatively, and let me tell you that it doesn’t bring you happiness. So today, were going to go over some ways of thinking that will help.

Catch yourself doing it.

Like any bad habit, training your self-awareness to be able to take a step back and say “wow, not so fast!” works wonders. You don’t necessarily need to keep a journal of each time you get envious of someone else’s piano skills, notice when you are doing it and will heal you change your thought process.

Realize that everyone is different.

I have a musician friend whom I used to compare myself to a lot. I would think to myself “he’s three years older than me, so in three years, I need to be able to play guitar like that.” It took a lot of perspective and catching myself to realize that he’s been playing music since he was a kid, and has practiced four hours a day for over a decade. Here I was, thinking we were both on the same linear path! Everyone starts somewhere, and has a different journey.

Realize that it’s not a pie. 

You can be happy for others without being less happy yourself. Someone else’s success in music doesn’t come at the expense of your own. Go out to your friend’s shows and cheer them on.

Know that social media in an image.

So, you’re scrolling down Facebook or Instagram, and you stumble across a video of someone playing their instrument flawlessly. Yeah, they just picked up that guitar and spontaneously did a perfect take. They totally didn’t rehearse and rerecord that clip over and over again. People like to project their best selves on social media. You never know what happens behind the scenes.

Focus on you. 

Last, but not least. The goals you have in music shouldn’t reflect what anyone else is doing. Whether you want to know your scales, play a perfect drum fill, nail the solo to your favourite rock song or write your own lyrics, you are amazing, and can only get better the way you want to.