What is this?

The Colourful Clara newsletter is a .PDF file sent once a month (with rare exceptions) to your email inbox. It’s a round-up of all the articles I published since the last newsletter. At this point, I’m not using a third party newsletter service and am actually creating everything myself, for easier lines of contact.

When do I get it?

As a general rule, I send out the newsletter once a month, on the first day.

What’s in it for me?

Good question! Here are some bullet point positives to encourage you to sign up:

– You have a busy life and don’t need to be constantly checking your social media to see when I post a new article. They get delivered all at once to your inbox instead.
– Because the articles are bundled into a .PDF file, they are easy to print out and take with you, share (the old-fashioned way) with your bandmates, and are less straining on the eyes to read on paper than on a bright screen.
– Every newsletter comes with an EXCLUSIVE first access pass to an article (which is not an interview). I usually wait a month or so until posting it for everyone else to see.

What’s in it for you?

You clever one (you’ve clearly been reading my articles)! Let me lay all my cards on the table:

– Social media sites come and go, so I want a longer lasting way to contact you than through, say, Instagram.
– As it’s me in charge of my newsletter, keeping track of emails on a piece of paper, I will never be tempted to sell your information to any company, unlike big corporations.
– I want to know who my super fans are. Most of the people who sign up for my newsletter are already following me on social media, but those of you on my newsletter are special somebodies.

I don’t want to be subscribed anymore! How can I tell you this politely?

Because the newsletter is being sent out through my email, as opposed to a third party newsletter service, simply reply a nice “it was great catching up with your articles Clara, but I don’t have enough time anymore. Can you please unsubscribe me?” and I’ll easily take you off my list. It’s safe and easy, unlike the music industry.