In which Clara tells the story of her impromptu subway station interview with The Dickhead Rapper.  So, fun story. I was taking the subway the other day, and as I walked down the halls, there was this guy in almost comically sagging pants, bobbing his head to a track blastingRead More →

At Canadian Music Week 2017, I attended a moderated discussion called “An Artist’s Guide To Marketing To Fans.” One of the panelists was Ariel Hyatt, founder of Cyber PR (let me tell you she’s amazing). Anyways, one of the ideas she threw forth really stuck with me. It was aboutRead More →

Every creative entrepreneur (that would be you) has their strengths when it comes to managing professional social media. Today, I boiled them down to the main four, and created a personality quiz that identifies where you feel most comfortable. Bonus: it’s Harry Potter themed. Hogwarts, the magical school in theRead More →

Note: this article is preachy, peachy and motivational speechy. Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you, the fabulous creative person reading this piece right now. When you wake up in the morning, are you excited about your brand? “My brand?” you ask. “You mean my logo and colour palette?” “No,Read More →

I love notebooks. I’ve been a writer ever since I learnt to read, and diary-keeping just became something I fell into. Today’s piece was just a wild idea I had about tracking what I do for a week, and telling little anecdotes about what a regular week is like forRead More →

If you ask artists what their dream in music is, a lot of them will answer “to hear my song on the radio!” and they’re talking mainstream, countdown of the charts radio. Cool dream, but in this piece, I’m breaking down what I’ve learnt from talking to record label people,Read More →