I recently joined a Facebook group called “Music Bloggers Network” (link below). It’s a collection of artists, industry folks and, of course, music bloggers sharing their work for critique, comments and collaborations. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MusicBloggersNetwork/ When I’m not telling off entitled record labels (see picture), I’m clicking links and reading every articleRead More →

Many 19-year-olds work part time jobs while in college. For example, I work in retail while studying Music Industry Arts here, in Ottawa – and I know that at some point, you need to ask customers to buy. From being an artist, managing one, and sitting in a classroom fullRead More →

Here you go 🙂 MUSIC-RELATED Because, you are a creator of music.  I’ve already mentioned that physical disks/cassettes/records are nothing but merch pieces in the day and age. Doesn’t mean you can’t have them on full display. If your songwriter (or you, if you’re solo!) of the group has greatRead More →

  really tried to give this story a catchy angle, but the fact is that this event was simply a group of people genuinely believing in a cause and raising money for it. Please enjoy this straightforward article.  “Musical equipment? I must be in the right place!” I joked, dustingRead More →

Alternate title: get your ass downtown to support our army veterans with loud music!   This article is something a little different; it’s about mental health. This Remembrance Day, a couple of my musician friends in different bands are coming together to host a metal concert that raises money for our veterans whoRead More →