As some of you know, as well as writing about the music industry, I am also a singer-songwriter. In preparation for releasing my next EP, I’ve been looking at ways of not just making money from it, but also simply getting it into people’s ears. We as artists know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all career trajectory in the music industry, so there’s got to be more than one way of distributing our latest releases. I counted a few, and am going to weigh the pros and cons of each. These are ten ways to distribute your EP, loosely ranked from bland to brilliant. Bland: for saleRead More →

Note: this article is preachy, peachy and motivational speechy. Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you, the fabulous creative person reading this piece right now. When you wake up in the morning, are you excited about your brand? “My brand?” you ask. “You mean my logo and colour palette?” “No, no, no!” I reply. “A brand is everything you are!” It’s okay. A lot of people, even business people can’t quite define what a brand is. Here’s a pretty solid definition I found for us artists reading: “a brand is how people think and feel about your business.” You probably already know that you asRead More →

I love notebooks. I’ve been a writer ever since I learnt to read, and diary-keeping just became something I fell into. Today’s piece was just a wild idea I had about tracking what I do for a week, and telling little anecdotes about what a regular week is like for me. I hope you enjoy. Monday I woke up naturally this morning at 5am. I made myself some chocolate macaroon flavoured tea (it was delicious), sat down on the living room sofa, opened my laptop and picked up where I left off on a guest post I’m writing for Industry Me on design mistakes artistsRead More →

Making records gets expensive; anyone in the music business will tell you that. With the modern stat that less that 1% of albums breakeven on sales alone, many independent artists are left asking themselves “how the heck will I make my money back?” The answer is to have fans to sell it to. I’ve been reading the work of and listening to a lot of big thought leaders who’ve built courses and written books to help independent artists succeed (my goal is to someday be listed off in the same breath as them): Bree Noble, Rick Barker, Ari Herstand… They’re all singing the same song:Read More →

“Ottawa is booming with talent,” says Ted Adler from across the coffee table. “There are high standards for excellence, but not enough audience turn out. It should be stronger.” We’re sitting in the café area of the Nordstrom department store. Over my interview subject’s head, there are displays of designer shoes. I’ve got my notebook out, and am scrambling to keep up as Ted speaks with calm confidence. He has limited time, as he’s in the process of moving downtown to be closer to his clients. At a networking event over a year ago, a friend introduced him jokingly as “the guy who makes soundRead More →

If you ask artists what their dream in music is, a lot of them will answer “to hear my song on the radio!” and they’re talking mainstream, countdown of the charts radio. Cool dream, but in this piece, I’m breaking down what I’ve learnt from talking to record label people, artists and those who work in radio about what really goes on. At the end, I’ll give an idea of what you could try instead. How Programming Works: Contrary to popular belief, the radio DJs whose voices you hear on your favourite station did not choose the song playing. Those decisions are made by theRead More →

“Think of me / think of me fondly / when we’ve said goodbye…” sang the sweet, classically-trained voice of Rose Cora Perry at a local talent show, years ago. The goal of going to Broadway suddenly changed that night, when a schoolmate asked if she would join a rock band she wanted to start. The group, called HER, became known in the city of London, Ontario, for filling local venues with high school students. Along the way, Rose threw herself into learning to play guitar: six hours a day for six months; blood on the strings being a common occurrence. This is when she wroteRead More →

Open mic nights, AKA open stages, are a lot of fun. They can range from from the very professional ones in Nashville, to a casual night in a downtown bar. For an unpaid performance, there are quite a few ways that separate the amateurs from the artists. This article will try to cover most of them. Be “on” as soon as you are within a block of the venue. If someone’s artist persona is a well-mannered country sweetheart, she should not be shoving people out of her way to get the spot she wants. Even once leaving the bar, anyone from the event might beRead More →

If you’re in high school and have the dream of being a singer, rapper or musical artist of any sort, this article is for you. The business can be expensive, but here are six things you shouldn’t waste your money on while taking the first steps towards your goal of having a music career. All through my high school, I was working towards being a singer-songwriter. I turned those dreams into a music blog where I talk to young artists such as yourself about business and marketing, so you can be as successful as possible. Grab some popcorn, and pretend I’m your cool older sister,Read More →

I don’t expect many people will read this piece, but it’s one I’ve wanted to write for a long time. I’ve been typing and erasing over and over, trying to make the words come out right; but there’s no better time than now, I guess. I haven’t written a song in over a year, and it hurts so much. All I’ve ever wanted to do in this world is write songs. I wake up every morning with the hopes that today will be the day. Every week it’s a goal of mine to sit by the piano, or pick up my guitar and sculpt musicRead More →